Athlete Pathway


This program targets youth surfers on the way to professional level plus elite surfers who want to fine tune their training routine and boost their performance to the next level. Based on an initial order clarification, scientific- and all day coaching knowledge, each surfer got customised diagnostic and training services.


  • Surf specific long term training periodisation and coaching (holistic approach)

  • Long term surfers development program (Olympia 2020)

  • National team preparation

  • From youth surfer into elite

  • Professional surf photography

  • Marketing and sponsoring consulting


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    •    Qualitative video analysis coaching
    •    Sport psychological basic training and advanced skill training
    •    Surf specific strength and conditioning training
    •    Training load evaluation
    •    Advanced heat analysis practice
    •    Carveboard simulation training
    •    Perception, cognition and decision training
    •    Apnea and breathing training
    •    Performing under pressure interventions

 * Costs get individually defined by order clarification and income of the athlete.

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